What DOES it mean to be created to worshiP?


Formed as a unique individual; fashioned with an identity before the world even sees us. Known by the creator before anyone else on the planet, gets to meet us. Yet still some of us, spend our whole lives in search of the purpose that was given to us before we took our first breath. We search for meaning through every day, week and year that passes whilst our purpose and meaning have been here all along. Our destiny is defined by the one who knew us before the rest of the world did.  It isn’t found in the streets, schools, workplaces and relationships we frequent, it’s found in the very fabric of our being.

So, what is this unique purpose given by the creator of all things? Surely the intention put into our design suggests that we are meant to do more than just live? Psalm 139:13 says that our ‘inmost being was knit by him in our mother’s womb’. The creator of all things has put his original artistic mark on all of us. He was intentional in fashioning not just our flesh but also our inmost parts.

Artists through the ages are known by their masterpieces; each one reflecting characteristics of their craftsmanship.  Humanity, the world we live in and the universe are undoubtedly the most extraordinary works of art in all of history. Genesis says that this artist created us ‘In His Image’.  The intricate weaving of our inmost being to our outermost flesh mirrors our maker. What a marvellous mystery.

This artistic God made each of us to look like him and reflect His craftsmanship.  To point people to Him. That is exactly what we are called to do, to point people to Him. Colossians 1:16 says that ‘He created all things through Him and FOR him’.  We were made for Him, for His glory, in His image, as a reflection of His beauty. Our purpose is to bring Him glory. It’s simple yet profound. It’s natural yet divine.

To accept this truth is to see the purpose of a life laid before Him as the only offering we can bring.  Giving ourselves to knowing Him and letting Him know us.  Loving Him and allowing Him to love us.  This is what we were created for.  He is continuously after our hearts, and He wants us to know His. It’s a relationship that is so intimately intertwined, that surrender and humility are easy. This true level of connection evokes a response of devotion; a natural expression of love and adoration which comes from the deepest song of our heart. When we know Him and His incredible love, His wonders and His character, we can’t help but praise Him. This is how we glorify Him.  This is our worship.  

Worship is giving God glory. It’s an exchange, a reflection.  We sing to him, of who he is and he sings over us, who we are. It becomes a living conversation. A worshipping and surrendered bride is the most beautiful picture. It’s the church reflecting His glory. Our devotion and our commitment to him should look like a bride preparing herself to for her betrothed.   He made us to look like him, and therefore we should reflect his unparalleled commitment to us. 

Worship goes beyond songs sung on a Sunday morning. It’s a living sacrifice that is destined to bring Him glory. Our actions become a song; our very purpose becomes a dance with Him when we live a surrendered life with one aim of knowing Him and beautifully reflecting His face. To reflect something, we must be before it, capture its essence and be able to ‘throw it back’.  We have to know him. One to one relationship with the father is the place in which we ‘live move and have our being’ and throw back to the world the very essence of who He is.  Pointing people to him. To worship and to praise is to honour and love, communicate with and bless the one who created us.

It is about relationship and knowing God.  Understanding that in all things He has created us, He has always known us, our very thoughts, plans and path. Worship is inviting Him to be a part of every moment, letting Him become the centre of it all.  This is what we were created for.

Tiffany Buhler x

Tiffany is the director of worship movement, David’s Tent, a 72-hour non-stop worship event in the UK




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