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My latest song, KEEPER, is out now. This is a very personal song for me which I wrote in the middle of a season of intense fear. Within a 2 week window I experienced a very painful succession of events - the death of my dear uncle, a very wounding relationship breakdown, and then I was violently mugged right on the street where I live. It’s the first time I’ve experienced the presence of fear in such a visceral, scared-of-my-own-shadows, constantly on edge kind of way. I couldn’t shake it. I avoided coming home late. I retreated into a shell. In the midst of it, the Lord spoke Psalm 121 over me as a promise. Not as a magic wand to fix me. The fear didn’t just disappear with that scripture. But the promise was an invitation onto a road to healing and rebuilding my faith that the Lord truly is my keeper. It took months but I held on to the promise, desperate for the penny to drop, often frustrated that it hadn’t yet, willing my heart, mind and body to catch up with what my spirit knew to be true.

Months later, God deepened my understanding by showing me how powerful His light - the same light that lives inside of us - is. Driving home in the middle of darkness on a country lane He said, stop the car and look at the stars. The night air was like a heavy chilly cloak as I turned off my car and stepped out into total darkness. I looked up I immediately heard the Lord say “There’s more light in you than in one of those stars”. See, fear had made my belief in the light, not the light itself, dim and it was in that moment that my belief burst back into life. I’d become used avoiding the shadows, avoiding the darkness because they were threatening to me and because I didn’t believe the light was stronger. But the light that lives in us is so much more threatening to the darkness than we know! The light shines and the darkness can not overcome it![insert scripture]. Light is unreceptive to darkness. It’s darkness that has to give way when light shows up.

I’m still healing but my belief is firm. That fear and darkness is no match for the light that will never go out.



I've been leading worship and writing songs for many years, both as a solo artist and with my talented band of musicians and singers. My heart in worship is simply to create a space for people to encounter the love of God. In my worship expression and the songs I write, I want to create a sound that unites people and ignites hearts to love God, love themselves and love one another. more

Based in London, UK, I've released four records to date. My first solo project, Come and Breathe, is an EP of five original songs that carry a message of devotion and adoration for the Lord. I released Heartbeats, an upbeat pop track, in Summer 2015 which went on to be featured on the David’s Tent live album. In December 2015, I collaborated on a project with 3 songwriter-friends and culminating in an EP, Love Untold, which features the song, Don’t Hide. This ambient electronic track explores the theme of living with a heart that is vulnerable and unashamed.

In April 2017 I released my first live album, Created to Worship with my band of exceptional musicians. 

For bookings, you can contact me directly via or via my bookings agency, Arkyard, on

Big love,

LG xx





Recorded over two nights in London, Created to Worship is my first live album. Featuring 10 original songs, and an incredible 14-piece band of musicians and singers, the self-produced album is by far the most ambitious project I've been involved in so far. 

The invitation to embrace lies at the heart of this album. First, knowing above everything else that we are forever embraced by the unconditional love of God. From that place, learning to embrace our own individual value and to love who we have been created to be. And from there embracing the wonder and diversity of the kingdom of God and its reflection in humanity - you, me, others.

The discovery that we are created to worship is at one and the same time the discovery that we are created to receive the embrace of God, to embrace Him in return, to embrace ourselves and to embrace others.

Reflecting the multi-faceted nature of worship, the songs on this album invite the listener into moments of joyful celebration and also tender reflection as it explores the themes of freedom, intimacy and wholeness that is found in the love of God. Sonically, the album embraces a spectrum of different styles and genres, drawing inspiration from jazz, gospel, soul and pop to create a rich and colourful musical tapestry.

The question, “What does it mean to be created to worship?” has no simple answer. It is our eternal pursuit as followers of Jesus. This album offers an expression and a response, inspired by my experiences and encounters so far along the journey.




Come and breathe, my debut EP was recorded in the Summer of 2014. These 5 songs carry a sound of hope, trust and intimacy with the Lord.

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Recorded in Summer of 2015, Heartbeats is my second studio record. An upbeat pop track and a simple prayer to live a life that "beats in time with God". This song went on to be featured on the David's Tent Live Album

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