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 My latest single, Great Redeemer, is out on 27th March. Sign up to my  newsletter  to be the first to hear. 

My latest single, Great Redeemer, is out on 27th March. Sign up to my newsletter to be the first to hear. 


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I've been leading worship and writing songs for many years, both as a solo artist and with my talented band of musicians and singers. My heart in worship is simply to create a space for people to encounter the love of God. In my worship expression and the songs I write, I want to create a sound that unites people and ignites hearts to love God, love themselves and love one another. more

Based in London, UK, I've released four records to date. My first solo project, Come and Breathe, is an EP of five original songs that carry a message of devotion and adoration for the Lord. I released Heartbeats, an upbeat pop track, in Summer 2015 which went on to be featured on the David’s Tent live album. In December 2015, I collaborated on a project with 3 songwriter-friends and culminating in an EP, Love Untold, which features the song, Don’t Hide. This ambient electronic track explores the theme of living with a heart that is vulnerable and unashamed.

In April 2017 I released my first live album, Created to Worship with my band of exceptional musicians. 

For bookings, you can contact me directly via or via my bookings agency, Arkyard, on

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Recorded over two nights in London, Created to Worship is my first live album. Featuring 10 original songs, and an incredible 14-piece band of musicians and singers, the self-produced album is by far the most ambitious project I've been involved in so far.

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Come and breathe, my debut EP was recorded in the Summer of 2014. These 5 songs carry a sound of hope, trust and intimacy with the Lord.

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Recorded in Summer of 2015, Heartbeats is my second studio record. An upbeat pop track and a simple prayer to live a life that "beats in time with God". This song went on to be featured on the David's Tent Live Album

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